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Staying in Voralberg’s second city

Discover Feldkirch – the second-largest city in Vorarlberg – and experience all the best places it has to offer. Go below the surface and immerse yourself in its unique look and feel. Feldkirch pulls off an impressive balancing act between old world charm and modern forward-looking urban chic. From its mediaeval alleys to its numerous contemporary cultural highlights, it has something for everyone. Explore the stunning old town, enjoy specialities from the local region in cosy restaurants and soak up the lively atmosphere. Make sure that you take full advantage of all of the opportunities to discover the hidden treasures and secrets of this charming city. Enjoy your stay at the blaue rose in Feldkirch and experience unforgettable moments in Vorarlberg's second-largest city.

Blasenberg vistas

Unfortunately, we’re not a hiking guide. But what we can offer you are insider tips on where to go in Feldkirch, such as the Margarethenkapf park on the Blasenberg hill. Laid out in the 19th century, it has a fantastic viewing platform. It takes around two hours to complete the Blasenberg circuit, so we recommend wearing comfortable shoes. And your reward for all that hard work? Breathtaking views of the whole of Feldkirch. Send us a selfie! By the way, the name Blasenberg was first mentioned in 1514 as Plausenberg – which means something along the lines of "windy hill".


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